Release: October 6, 2008 -
Nationwide Children's Hospital Snackwise® Program Announces Annual Top 10 Snack List
Good Morning America Now talks with Dr. Robert Murray about Snackwise®
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Release: February 1, 2008 -
Online Nutrition 'Calculator' Takes Guesswork out of Choosing Healthy Snacks
All too often, we see parents and kids make the common mistake of considering only calories, fat and sometimes sugar when making a decision about a snack food,” said Robert Murray, MD, Director of the Center for Healthy Weight and Nutrition. "What's unique about the Snackwise® online calculator, is that it places a greater value on nutrient-rich foods, ensuring kids are getting the nutrition they need, instead of filling up on empty calories.""
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Do you know your child's BMI?
Nearly 40 percent of Ohio third graders are overweight or at risk of being overweight. As a way to prevent childhood obesity, Nationwide Children's Hospital is urging all parents to know their child's BMI, or body mass index.
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